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When it comes to keeping your family cool at home this summer, the service and expertise air conditioning installations from American Climate Control are second-to-none.  With air conditioning rated uniquely to your home and your family's lifestyle, expert workmanship and your service level guarantee ,you can be sure that you are choosing the perfect air conditioning system.  Read testimonials from our other delighted customers here, or read on about how a new Service Professionals air conditioning system could be the best choice for your home:

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What Services Can an ACC Contractor Provide?

ACC contractors can help you evaluate the needs of your home regarding its climate control system and then do whatever is necessary to keep it working at an optimum level for physical comfort, personal convenience, and savings of both energy and money. When systems are not properly functioning or are not suitable for the size or layout of your home, for example, they will not work well and your utility bills will reflect the wasted energy.

Sometimes the units themselves - such as the air conditioner or furnace - work fine, but still the house is uncomfortable or the bills are inordinately high. The problem may be that the ductwork or vents aren't working as they should, or it could be traced to a simple and inexpensive remedy such as a dirty air filter. On the other hand, the cause of trouble could be that the house is not properly insulated, and the HVAC contractor may need to upgrade insulation throughout the house in order to preserve the warmth within the home on cold days and keep it cool and pleasant on hot days.

The climate control units may need to run on gas, fuel oil, or electricity, and they may involve baseboard heat or individual a/c boxes in each window. In older homes there might be an old-fashioned radiator heat system with a boiler, radiators in each room, and valves that regulate the flow of steam heat to each room. Or the house could have a modern radiant heating system that is built into the floors of the home to keep your feet warm even on marble or concrete floors on winter mornings. If there is a basement or an attic, the HVAC expert may need to insulate it from the rest of the house so that it does not steal heat or cooled air from the rest of the home. Or the contractor might need to figure out a way to heat and cool those sections of the house in an efficiently integrated manner so that they can be used as a comfortable part of the living space.

Sometimes more than one type of heat is needed for a backup source, or one room of the house will need to be cooled with a separate a/c unit because of structural considerations. For instance, some detached garages double as offices or guesthouses, and the HVAC contractor will need to accommodate them into the scheme. Or you may want to add a room to your house, but will have to tie the new addition into your existing HVAC system.

In hot climates desert temperatures fluctuate drastically. In wet climates humidity is a problem. In frigid zones where heat is needed most of the year - the considerations are likewise unique. In each particular case, the HVAC professional needs to offer a full plan to the homeowner to adequately address each need.

The qualified HVAC contractor offers a variety of related services and solutions, in other words, and can guide and consult a homeowner on a range of different subjects. As a homeowner you will have an ongoing need for a reliable and dependable HVAC professional.


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